Wireless Charger, JETech® Ultra-Slim Wireless Charging Pad for Samsung S6 / S6 Edge, Nexus 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 (2013), Nokia Lumia 920, LG Optimus Vu2, HTC 8X / Droid DNA and All Qi-Enabled Devices

When I received this wireless charger I was anxious to try it out.

The unit looks awesome! Well made and very simple to put together. As easy as plugging the included micro usb cable into the unit and the other end in your phone wall charger. I have the Note 4 which is not setup for wireless charging.

So, Needless to say... I had to buy a Qi wireless card.
After installing the Qi card I also put my phone case back on my phone.
I put the phone on the charging plate and had to move the phone slightly around the plate.. I saw that the plate lit up with blue lights which by the way looks very cool.
I love this unit!
It's so simple....no need to fear that this will be technologically difficult .
The price is perfect for a unit that does the same thing as all the others do.
* This unit charges through my phone case.
* The only back draw is that it charges slow. But on the bright side it's perfect for overnight charging.
* Just lay your phone on the unit when you go to sleep and when you wake it's fully charged!

Wireless Charging: simply place down any Qi-enabled device or device equipped with a Qi-compatible cover, no cables or USB interface required
  • Equipped with power-efficient idle mode that never overcharges your battery or wastes energy
  • Friendly LED Indicator Lights. Input: 5V/2A; Output: 5V/1A
  • Works for Galaxy Note 5, LG G4, Galaxy S6, Nexus 6, Moto Droid Turbo, Nexus 5/7(2013)/4, Nokia Lumia 1020/920/928, MOTO Droid Maxx/Droid Mini, HTC Droid DNA, HTC Rzound,Blackberry Z30, Pentax WG-III camera, and Other Qi-Enabled Phones and Tablets
  • Package includes: JETech Wireless Charger, micro USB cable, 6-Month warranty

  • My wife and I just got new phones recently for xmas, nexus 6 (hers) and a s6 active (mine) and we were very interested in wireless charging as our car (GMC Yukon) has a wireless charging pad built into it and we wanted to be able to take advantage of this great technology inside the house as well.

    My intention was to get 2 chargers for the bedroom, 1 for the office where my wife works from home there every day, and 1 charger for the living room which is really a "top off" place for phones, tablets, etc. I did some research and narrowed it down to either this charger Yootech / Jetech / Anker models in the picture attached. We ordered all 3 and decided to hold off on the 4th charger and buy another one of the one that we liked the most in case one of them didn’t work very well.

    We did a test of how fast the device would charge a phone powered off in 10 minutes all three were connected to the same cable charger / etc to be consistent as possible
    S6 = 7%
    N6 = 6%
    S6 = 7%
    N6 = 7%
    S6 = 8%
    N6 = 6%

    My impression was that all three devices seemed to charge the phones very slow (compared to quick charge etc) but that is just wireless charging apparently, and all three were within a margin of error so it was essentially a statistical tie for charge time and didn’t help us choose our favorite.
    It should be noted also that all the chargers heated up the phones a significant amount throughout the process, I believe after reading around that’s very normal and just a byproduct of wireless charging but it’s good to be aware of.

    YOOTECH 6/10
    This device has a good fit and finish the top grips the phone fairly well and has a status light that will go from red to green when the device is on there and starts charging. The actual device itself was super lightweight and felt like it was mostly hollow. The grip on the device was also sufficient even thought it was nowhere near the grip of the Anker wireless charging pad. When charging my s6 active because of the placement of the light.

    With my Wife’s Nexus 6 we have it in a rugged waterproof case which has a flap over the charge port and wireless charging is super nice for this setup unfortunately it would NOT charge this phone unless it was placed perfectly on the charging pad maybe there was 2-3mm of error in how it was place for it to work correctly but this became a huge hassle. At some point my wife just gave up trying and refused to use this charger.

    ANKER 7/10
    The Anker charger was much smaller than the others but had a good weight and solid construction it was quite a bit heavier than the others or at least it felt that way since it was in a smaller package. The fit and finish was better than the other chargers and due to the weight and complete grippy bottom it held its place much better than the others. There are two lights on this puck (red and blue), but due to the size unless you are at eye level with it you won’t be able to see them when your phone is on the charger.
    As far as charging the device worked great with my s6 I could just drop it on there and go, but it exhibited the same problem as the Yootech device when I used my Wife’s Nexus 6 with the rugged case around it. The sweet spot was a tad larger than the Yootech device but still taking 10-15 seconds to position it properly to get it to charge was a very tedious task.

    Jetech 9/10
    This device was similar to the Yootech in the fit and finish it was good but not great and felt fairly lightweight in my hands. Much like the other devices it has status lights and will like up blue and let you know when it is charging, and due to the design of the clear plastic around the main area you can clearly see the light come on however you position the phone on the charger which was very nice. The red ring around it in the picture is a thin strip of rubber to allow it to grip the phone once you set it down and it has about 6 little feet on the bottom (make sure to peel off protective plastic if it’s on there) that seem to keep it in place really well.

    When I placed my phone (s6 active) on there it charged it right away and worked much like the other two devices I had purchased. When I placed my Wife’s phone on the charger I was pleasantly surprised that almost anywhere I placed it on this charger that it would charge the phone perfectly through the think protective case. I tried this multiple different ways and there was a HUGE sweet spot on this charger that would allow it to charge through the case, I am not sure why the others had so much trouble but this one worked out perfectly for her phone and allowed us to keep the case while wirelessly charging.

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